Underground Butcher

A full-service whole animal butchery specializing in pasture-raised meat from local farms. Instituted by the Underground Food Collective, and lauded nationally for their commitment to breaking the bureaucratic barriers that often hinder small producers.


Robin Room

"The truth is never told between the hours of 9–5."

Sailor’s sanctuary? Nighthawks nest? Yes. Both. The neighborhood bar that knows how to make a cocktail. If the pineapple is on, the door is open.



Ginew’s grounding philosophy. Meaning “Live Good Life”. Ginew draws upon their Native heritage, inherited skills of craft, and roots in American workwear. This jacket is our daily go to. Built to be used. Built in the USA. Perfectly at home in the deep woods of Wisconsin and open desert roads.

Identity, On-garment Graphics, Packaging

Jim Dine / Skulls

Morbid grace. Jim Dine’s Skull’s have visceral connection beyond definition. They carry the pop of Warhol’s soup cans, and the haunting grace of an ancient past. His skulls are more human than a family portrait.

We were honored when asked by the Chazen Museum of Art to capture Dine’s spirit on the printed page.

Book Design

Restoration Cider

Sunlight scatters across the surface like a thousand stars. Watercress waves in the current clean. Rushing thoughts replaced by the streams hum, cradling part of you as old as the land. 

Restoration Cider gives 5% of its profits to stream restoration to protect and restore Wisconsin's beloved trout streams. 


Bow & Arrow Brewing

Inspired by Great American Southwest culture, nestled at the foot of the Sandia mountains, and pouring some of the most inventive and tasty craft beer in the nation. Their brew hall is a hub for creating community around a shared passion. Native American owned. 

Branding, Apparel, Packaging, Taps, Illustration

One of our most treasured collaborations. A 32 page booklet/workbook to celebrate all that is Madison Sourdough. Cure a ham, use a miche for 5 days, and follow flour from seed to sandwich. Content by MsCO, design and visuals by yours truly. 

Branding, Packaging, Book Design

Ginew USA / Heritage Coat

The only Native American denim brand came to us with an idea. A jacket that was to be an heirloom, a work of art. Inspired by his grandfather's workwear, owner Erik Brodt (Ginew) painstakingly sourced every aspect of this coat in the USA. Lined with Pendleton blanket material. Wear with spirit.

Custom wood boxes, packaging, carpenter's pencils, workbook, on-garment graphics